Meal Prep Quick & Easy

Here’s a meal prep that’s quick and easy and beginner friendly. These are healthy recipes that are perfect for those of you who are on intermittent fasting and I’ve also included a keto friendly cookie as a snack.

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This meal prep will yield you 2x mains and cookies as your after meal snacks or as breakfast for 4 to 5 days. This meal prep is healthy and well suited for people who are on an intermittent fasting diet as it has 2 big main meals. Feel free to adjust the meal prep as needed if your on a 3 meal a day diet.


Makes about 16 cookies depending on how big your cookies are 🙂
165g of peanut butter
3 tbs of cacao powder
100g of coarsely chopped almond nuts
1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract
A few droplets of stevia (Adjust to your personal taste). You can use erythritol or other sweetener as well!
3 tbs of chocolate chips

Chuck the peanut butter, cacao powder, vanilla extract and stevia in the food processor. Process until smooth then add almond nuts and process it once or twice. Make sure you don’t overprocess it. Or you can choose to add coarsely chopped almond nuts instead so that the pieces remain big. Add chocolate chips. Roll the mixture into a ball then press it down so it looks like a cookie! Put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and it’s ready. You can leave it in the freezer. I actually like it best straight out from the freezer!


This will make about 4-5 depending how big your serving size is. Recommend to add half an avocado when you’re going to have them. Avocado mayo is also so good with it!

This is also keto friendly if you use 1-2 coconut wrap per serving.

1kg of Minced Beef
1 Red Bell Pepper
1 Green Bell Pepper
1/2 an Onion
1 Carrot
3 TBS of Apple Cider Vinegar (Adjust to your liking)
1 TSP of Ginger Powder
1 TBS of Cumin (Adjust to your liking)
1 Pack of Black Beans (or 1 can)
4-5 TBS of Tomato Paste
Salt to season
Black Pepper optional

Cooked minced beef with coconut oil and salt. Once it’s brown add cumin, ginger powder and tomato paste. Stir it well then add apple cider vinegar.
You can then add all the vegetables and black beans and cook them with the beef together or separately.

Cook until vegetables is tender. Serve it with sliced avocado in a coconut wrap, or serve it with half a smashed avocado. One container will make about 3 wraps.


This recipe will only take you less than 5 minutes to make.

A few bags of chopped carrots and mixed cabbages.
Green Onions
1 bag of kelp noodles
A few cans of Wild Caught Salmon

Ginger (adjust to your liking. I like it quite gingery)
2-4 Limes (depending on the size of your limes, you can replace it with apple cider vinegar if you don’t have limes or lemons)
5-6 TBS of peanut butter (adjust to your liking)
Some water to dilute it if needed
Salt to season
Place them all into a food processor and process it until smooth.

Rinse the chopped vegetables if needed then place them into 4-5 containers. Rinse kelp noodles under cold water and drain it. Add the kelp noodles and chopped green onions to the container.

Serve it with half an avocado (chopped up avocado), a can of salmon (or half a can), and the gingery sauce! You can try it with the avo mayo sauce or other sauces you fancy.

That’s it! So simple!


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